Command and Control (C2)

Simulation and Actualization Technology

Pathient's hybrid Simulation-Actualization technology allows planning and operational C2 interests to assess the meaning of “current state” by visualizing divergence of “actual” data from simulated schedule, plan, objective, or projection.

Legacy Systems Abstraction and Integration

Pathient brings Natural Language, Semantic, and unstructured data processing expertise to bear on the Integration of Legacy Information Systems through abstraction, interpretation, and combinatoric mapping techniques. Using advanced recognition and classification technology, Pathient achieves integration of legacy systems through the inter-relation of native data representations in an abstract executive interpreter rather than ad hoc and brittle relational database schemas.

Mobile, Location, Map-Based, and GIS Solutions

Pathient builds on combined 25 years of experience in Map-based and GIS technologies to include: Total Asset Visibility, In-Transit Visibility, proximity detection, geo-fencing, location-based search, position reporting, interrogation, transponder, passive/active RF-technology, manifest, and Common Operating Picture solutions.

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